Reducetarian Foundation

Sustainability through reduction.

What They’re Doing ⬇️
Swapping out animal-based foods for plant-based options is great for the planet. But many aren’t ready or willing to completely remove meat, dairy and eggs from their diet. That’s where the Reducetarian Foundation comes in! They’re all about progress over perfection in their efforts to “educate and inspire people around the world to make healthier, more eco-friendly, and compassionate food choices.”

What We’re Doing, Together
We love Reducetarian’s unifying approach to an often divisive, all-or-nothing conversation—so we’re stoked to partner with them to create sustainability! In line with their focus on facilitating compassionate food choices and our common goal of making plant-based eating easier, we’re offering the first 25 Reducetarian Community members…

Claim your offer below! You’ll receive an email with your free food coupon or subscription link plus details on how to earn more. Plus, you’ll add to the impact the Reducetarian Community is creating by choosing plant-based foods over animal-based options:

🌊 0 L water conserved
🌎 0 m² land demand reduced
🌳 0 kg CO2e emissions reduced

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